Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

We’ll try to keep these simple and honest.

We’re based in England and any issues will be dealt with in England.

For customers:

  • We’ll process your order by sharing your full name, address and telephone number (if required by courier service) with our partners so that they can send you your From Here Box.
    • You must let us share these details for this purpose, otherwise we cannot provide you with any service.
  • We’ll keep your details within our secured online ordering system and online/offline order processes.
  • We may use your details to contact you for marketing and feedback purposes.
  • If you’d like your details removed just contact us.
  • After you have placed an order we cannot offer refunds or returns.
  • If you order does not arrive or arrives broken please contact us, with any suitable photos (to allow us to claim against couriers).

For website visitors:

  • We cookies for two purposes.
    • The first purpose is for our website to function.
    • The second is for analytical software, such as Google Analytics and the Facebook tracking pixel. We use these to make improvements to our website and marketing strategy. We may use these to run advertisements targeted to you.
  • Please do not use our website if you do not wish to allow either purpose of our cookies.

For suppliers:

  • You must process our customer’s data securely and only for the purpose of sending their From Here Box. You must not retain their data for any other purpose (e.g. marketing).
  • You must provide the customers with our pre-approved food, drink and marketing materials.
  • You must be proactive, honest and transparent with all communication and orders.
    • You will endeavor to send our customers their From Here Box punctually (within a week) or inform us otherwise.
    • You will package your items and any materials safely, securely, tidily and aesthetically.
  • You are responsible for the orders that we provide to you. We’ll offer you support when we can. Such as:
    • Breakages and missing packages must be replaced at your cost. (We’ll liaise with the customer to provide evidence for courier insurance policies, etc.)
    • Proof of postage or tracking of delivery, encase of payment charge backs from customers against From Here Box.
    • Any payments we make to you for packages that go missing, break or that are chargebacked against that you cannot provide satisfactory proof to stop/resolve will not be paid/must be refunded to From Here Box.

Any confusion? Contact us.

Last updated: 20th April 2020.