About Us

From Here Box was set up by Thomas Etherington in 2020 as a response to the difficulties and challenges faced by small, independent or family run food and drink businesses.

Inspired by seeing communities come together to support each other. From Here Box has the added benefit of being a delicious suprise!

Here is an introduction from Thomas.

Hello Everyone!

I’m Thomas and for the past 8 years I have been living and working abroad.  I love new food and drink experiences and have been very lucky to have experienced the food and drink cultures of Korea, Spain and China firsthand.  Going to the market and being able to interact with the sellers and purchase unknown and exciting items, being a particular highlight.

Thomas from From Here Box

Recently due to the unfortunate effects of the Coronavirus, I have been fortunate to experience communities and individuals coming together to help each other.  First from living in China and travelling around Taiwan. After in Korea during the height of their pandemic. And now in England during ours. One thing that impressed me throughout was the way people came together to help and support.

With recent knowledge of the difficulties faced by a number of local food and drink businesses I came up with the idea for the From Here Box.  As we stay home a number of individuals and businesses are struggling. Perhaps we can all do our bit for some of the fantastic small food and drink businesses we have throughout our country.

From Here Boxes are created and sent directly to you from one of the fantastic small, independent or family run food and drink businesses that we have teamed up with.  Each box is curated by these businesses to let you discover the amazing items they make. With each box and mouthful, you can discover the ‘From Here’ story of our partners.

Love and care truly goes into all of the boxes that our partners send. To ensure that you get a box that you love, after ordering you will complete our food and drink preferences quiz, that lets us understand your food and drink tastes and preferences. This means that you can wait for your From Here Box with all of the anticipation that a young child has for Christmas, without the risk of a big disappointment.

As a service, I hope that From Here Box can not only help and give you some excitement now but continue into the future when most of these problems become distant memories.

You can order or subscribe directly on our homepage.  If you have any questions or would like a chat please contact me directly.

All the best,


Our Suppliers Stories

With each From Here Box we supply you with the supplier’s From Here Story. You’ll get something which looks like this: